1. It protects my web activity and data from being sold to companies

Brave protects me from being identified by websites and ads that want to track everything I do on the internet. Brave blocks ads and privacy invading trackers, stops malicious code and websites in their tracks, and throws away cookies that are not part of the sites I visit. Brave does all this and more with their Brave Shields.

2. Brave saves me time

A typical website on the internet not only loads site specific content, but also time wasting and data consuming ads and trackers. Brave reduces these overheads by blocking ads and privacy invading trackers. We can not only save data, but also have pages load up quickly without all the bloat.

3. Faster than any browser

Compared to other browsers available in the market, Brave is much faster. Brave uses the “v8” engine which is known as one of the fastest JavaScript engines. It also has its own mechanism to optimize DOM rendering. Brave’s ad blocker stops unnecessary ads and trackers from loading and thus speeds up performance. Brave also uses less memory and is quick to start up.

4. I don’t have to watch YouTube ads anymore

I can watch videos on YouTube without being assaulted by a barrage of time wasting ads. Whether you are on your smartphone or your desktop, Brave kills ads on YouTube thereby allowing you to view content without any distractions.

5. It simply block push notification requests

Brave asks your permission any time websites want to push notifications your way. A simple no on your end means the site will never spam notification requests.

6. Brave Rewards is a new model of advertising where both the user & publisher benefits

Brave allows users the option to view Brave Ads (that link to safe websites) that do not collect unnecessary information from users, or install malicious code into their systems. And by opting to view Brave ads, the user is compensated with a cryptocurrency known as BAT (Basic Attention Token). This BAT can be given as tips to your favorite content makers or used for your own needs. A whopping 70% of the revenue made from an ad is given to the user. For publishers, using Brave Ads means more people will view their products and services. Brave Ads get the most user engagement than conventional ads.

It is time we as users took control of our data and privacy, and got rightly compensated from ads being served. It is time we adopt a new way of doing things. It is time to #BeBrave and adopt the #BraveLife.