Introduction: In this article, we examine and critic Hamed Esmaeilion, an Iranian political activist who has recently posted critical tweets following Crown Prince Reza Pahlavi's visit to Israel. We discuss his lack of transparency, accountability, and attention to sustainability in decision-making, as well as his role in weakening the Iranian uprising against the Islamic Republic. We also call for him to step down as a political activist and return to his role as a plaintiff for Flight PS752.

Section One: Lack of Transparency and Accountability In his pursuit of power, Hamed Esmaeilion seems to have disregarded the principles of transparency and accountability. This behavior has led to a decline in public trust in him and the movement he supports.

Section Two: Insufficient Attention to Sustainability in Decision-Making Esmaeilion has not paid enough attention to sustainability in his decision-making and has focused on peripheral issues and less important topics instead of concentrating on essential and crucial matters. This behavior has weakened the movement against the Islamic Republic and diverted it from its main path.

Section Three: Ambiguity Regarding the Iran-Israel Conflict and Its Impact on the Movement Hamed Esmaeilion has not clearly expressed his opinion on the Iran-Israel conflict, which could lead to frustration and increased ambiguity in the movement against the Islamic Republic. Furthermore, his behavior may cause the international community to withdraw support from the movement if they find an alternative that can help establish peace in the region. He should strive to create transparency in his positions and offer solutions that can convince the international community to support the movement.

Section Four: Controversial Opinions on Separatist Groups and the MEK Organization In some instances, Hamed Esmaeilion has expressed contradictory and controversial opinions about separatist groups and the MEK organization. These opinions have diminished trust in him and the movement he supports. To maintain unity and prevent division within the movement against the Islamic Republic, he needs to pay attention to transparency and consistency in his positions regarding these groups and avoid expressing controversial opinions. This behavior can help maintain public trust and strengthen the movement against the Islamic Republic.

Conclusion: Hamed Esmaeilion's inappropriate behaviors and unstable decision-making are undermining the movement against the Islamic Republic. To preserve and strengthen this movement, it is better for him to return to his role as a plaintiff for Flight PS752 and step down from political activities. This action can help regain public trust and reinforce the movement against the Islamic Republic.