The Brave Foundation launched its video conferencing platform called Brave Together recently. In order to use it,  you must use Brave Browser either on your Mobile device or Desktop. In this post, I'll take a close look into it and describe the pros and cons of Brave Together.

  1. End2End encryption
    Lack of privacy, security breaches, hacks etc are wreaking tremendous havoc all over the world. With Brave Together, you can ensure the security of the channel that you use for your personal or business related purposes with End2End Encryption.

  2. Screen Sharing
    We've learned during the COVID-19 Pandemic that it is a MUST to be able to work remotely, ergo sharing all kinds of information through a conference call should be possible. Brave Together has this feature as well. There are some features that are missing like the ever useful marking pen/highlighter. But in general, there isn't much of a difference from other commercial competitors (I'm hesitant to name them though).

  3. YouTube video Sharing
    I believe it's becoming more and more common to open your portable devices and hang out with your friends and family virtually. This has become even more common with the pandemic. In Brave Together, you can watch videos on YouTube together with your family and friends. One complaint I have is that only YouTube videos can be shared. Here's hoping we will be able to share videos from different sources in the future.

  4. Subtitle
    This will promote Brave Together's dominance in the market by far. Imagine being in a meeting and having subtitles auto-generated as the speaker speaks. This is possible with Brave Together. I believe this feature is a very huge step forward, and I humbly appreciate the development team for it.

  5. Virtual Backgrounds
    Embarrassed going live and having others see the ugly drapes in your living room? With Brave Together, you can enable virtual backgrounds without the need for a green screen. The results are not always perfect - there is temporal instability. Maybe in the future, the development team can work to make it less intensive and make the virtual backgrounds more temporally stable.

  6. No geo-restrictions
    Do you have friends and family living abroad in countries like UAE where VOIP calls are banned? Tired of having them use BOTIM to call you? With Brave Together, you can bypass these VOIP blocks and speak to your loved ones without a single problem. Apps like Signal are able to do the same, but the quality and consistency of calls using Brave Together is far better than anything Signal can dream of.